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Laherte Ultradition Brut

The Ultradition has an appetizing bouquet of ripe apple, grass, freshly baked white bread, wet pebbles, almond and hawthorne. On the palate the apple fruit is supported by discreetly spicy aromas hinting at the fermentation in used oak barrels and that remind me of salted pistacios. The acidity is marked - this wine has only partly undergone malolactic fermentation - but well integrated into the fruit and giving very good length. The 30 percen chardonnay and the 40 percent reserve wines give enough class to the 60 percent pinot meunier to avoid the simple fruity aromas that pinot meunier champagnes can have. While some of the Laherte top cuvees are getting a little oaky for my taste, this is- after two years of cellaring that have well integrated the 7 g dosage - a very honest and enjoyable champagne. Reommende.