The Alfavin story

We are passionate about wines and there were so many great bottles that we wanted to share with you, that we started selling wines as a full time business in 1992. Even famous producers like Leroy, Leflaive, Rousseau had wines to sell to us and so we started with a wide selection of what sounds like a who is who in wine. These wines are mostly bought for investment today and the insane prices are forbidding, which made us focus on producers who do the same thing for a fraction of the price. It made sense to concentrate on a few regions and really dig deep there, than cover a lot of regions but remain shallow and offer the latest media darlings. But you are looking for something special and we thoughtfully want to consider and guide you to your special choices. Everything about Alfavin reflects what we believe in. And every bottle you find on these pages is here for one reason: We love it.

I am Anastasia Moesle, welcome to Alfavin.